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A student's willingness to learn depends on the imagination and creativity of their environment. Everything, down to the look of the classroom, needs to spark interest within the student. A boring classroom will cause a child to become unmotivated and eventually, uninterested. Students need to learn to apply themselves in everything they do and only when they are given the motivation, will they begin to try. Also, a teacher needs to realize that each child that he or she is teaching needs to be treated like a human being. Every student, no matter what age, needs to feel that the teacher is looking out for their learning needs and growth as individuals. Students should never feel uncomfortable or looked down upon within the classroom. A student is not a science experiment, nor do they deserve any less respect than their authority. The teacher should not walk their class through every assignment.

The student should hold some responsibility. This will make them feel like they have some authority in the class and show them that their teacher trusts them like adults. Children and young adults crave to be older, so by putting them partially in charge of their education and future, they will strive to work harder and achieve their goals. Students will apply themselves when shown that it will take them farther than they expected.