Philosophy of Education

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All schools around today have their own mission and vision statements. As I started my high school, I learnt that the slang for my high school was 'knowledge is power'. Knowledge is a connection between a teacher and a student. It is the skills and information acquired by a person through experience and education. Getting education on the other hand is the process of gaining knowledge either in school, at home or anywhere else. One starts learning the moment he or she is born. Educated individuals tend to have better job and a high status in the community. Education is referred to as an essential ingredient to any society, whereby an educated labor force makes the economy more successful. While education is passed from one person to another, the modes of passing knowledge have been questioned in the past and are debated today. I will therefore, discuss the banking and Libertarian teaching styles and will shed some light on my own philosophy of education.

Blending both banking and libertarian styles is what I think makes one successful in life.

Freire argues in the Pedagogy of the Oppressed that under the banking concept, the teacher knows all the knowledge and the student knows nothing. Therefore whatever the teacher teaches is true. In additional to this, teachers tend to dehumanize students during their class.

"It follows logically from the banking notion of consciousness that that the educators roleis to regulate the way world enters into the students. The teacher's task is to organize a process which already occurs spontaneously, to fill the students by making deposits of information which he or she considers to constitute true knowledge (Freire, P.214).

The custom today is for students to automatically assume that teachers are always right and students need to follow what a person with...