Learning processes of life in "Their Eyes were watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston

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Learning Process of Life

For generations marriage has been accepted as a bond between two people. However, the ideals involved in marriage differ by the individuals involved. The book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston clearly demonstrates these differences. In the book a girl by the name Janie is raised by her grandmother and then married off by her grandmother. Originally all Janie knows of marriage and love is what her grandmother tells her. As Janie moves on in her life and re-marries, she finds that everybody has their own idea towards the role of their spouses in marriage. Over time Janie begins to develop her own ideas and ideals. In Their Eyes Were Watching God each principle character has their own perceptions towards marriage.

The first ideas that Janie was exposed to was those of her grandmother, Nanny. Nanny saw that Janie was entering womanhood and she didn't want Janie to experience what her mother went through.

So Nanny set out to marry her as soon as possible. When Janie asked about love, she was told that marriage makes love and she will find love after she marries Logan. Nanny believed that love was second to stability and security. Only after those first two criteria were satisfied then and only then could one experience love. Nanny felt that a young girl like Janie was too young to make decisions for herself, so when she caught Janie exploring her womanhood Nanny felt that she needed to marry Janie as quickly as possible so that she could find love in a safe a secure environment. Nanny has her own ideals when it comes to marriage and Janie will soon learn that everyone's are different.

Second, Janie sees Logan Killicks' perception of marriage. In the beginning it appears...