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The education field is made up of teachers, researchers, instructors, trainers, and scholars working together to develop and continuously improve the minds of individuals and instruction. Tickton (1970, p.12), as cited in Clark (2001), provides a definition of instructional technology as "a systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives, based on a combination of human and nonhuman recourses to bring about more effective instruction" (Clark, 2001, p.37). Instructional designers are "trained to use a systematic approach to designing new instructional systems or improving already existing systems" (Dick, Carey, & Carey, 2005, p.10).

In the process of improving instructional systems, we as instructional designers should examine the philosophies of teaching and learning and introduce new approaches as we study how students learn. This paper will focus on my personal philosophy of teaching and learning, various theories adopted in that philosophy, and instructional systems that I believe will foster learning.

Spiritual Enhancement and Concentration Learning TheoryMy personal belief about learning is that if a student has confidence in themselves, believes they can learn, and knows how to concentrate, they will learn regardless of the media used to deliver the instruction. I think the process of instruction should start with mental therapeutic exercises such as spiritual enhancement and concentration in order to prepare the students mind to strategically receive and store information in memory.

The learning outcome for the student using the Spirituality Enhancement and Concentration learning theory is the ability of the learner to use spirituality enhancement techniques to increase their faith in themselves; build confidence; improve willpower; set realistic learning goals; apply techniques to concentrate in order to strategically store and retrieve information from memory; and apply the knowledge to solve problems.

The role of the Learner is...