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By: c. wEAVER Book Report I. Title: The Learning Tree Author: Gordon Parks Publisher: Ballantine Books/Fawcett Crest Books Copyright Date: 1963 Place of Publication: New York, N.Y. II. Characters Main: Newt Winger- The main character in the story, saves Silas Newhall's life Sarah Winger- Matriarch of the family, she helped hold the family together Jack Winger- Hard working father Pete Winger- Newt's older, supportive brother Prissy Winger- Newt's annoying sister Supporting: Beansy Fuller- Friends of Newt Jappy Duncan Skunk McDowell Earl Thompson Arcella Jefferson- Newt's first love Jefferson Cavanaugh- Judge of Cherokee Flats, employer of Sarah Winger Marcus Savage- Newt's adversary Silas Newhall- Accused murderer of Jake Kiner Other Characters III. Setting Place: Cherokee Flats, Kansas Time: 1920's Description: A small Southern town with blazing summers and freezing winters IV. Plot This novel is about Newt Winger and his family during his years in Cherokee Flats. It tells about his (Newt's) first love, first enemy, and his first encounters with death and racism.

He even saves a white man's life, despite the later threat on his own. He shows compassion, fear, love, hate, and courage. He truly grows in this book, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. V. Theme The theme is growing up for all people. VI. Point of View Third-person omniscient Word Count: 213