What I learnt from Holdne Caulfield.

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I think we can learn a great deal from Holden Caulfield, the protagonist in the novel, "Catcher in the Rye." I think we can learn to see the viewpoints of someone that is similar adolescent stage. It is also, very interesting to see the thoughts of many teenagers, actually written as a book. Also, I think we learn that Holden Caulfield is not really "mad" as he calls himself, but actually very sane and many of his viewpoints are actually very correct. We find out that he is not insane at all. Holden is intelligent; he can write very good essays if he puts his mind to it. This entire flashback incident does not reflect someone with mental disorder; he doesn't do anything outrageous; he only comments on society, just like we all do. His viewpoint on the falseness of his school is very true. His old headmaster only talked to the nice looking parents, and served steak only on Saturday nights, because if the parents came on Sunday, then the pupils can say they had steak the night before.

Also, he views all the movies, and plays as being "phony", because he doesn't believe they are real. I also think that he is right, because many movies and plays are not plausible, and thus phony, as Holden would say.

So we can see that Holden is not insane, but in fact very well educated, and well thought. He has very deep thoughts, such as his need to save the innocence. He can express himself relatively well, through metaphors, and connections; for example, he connects the "Catcher in The Rye" song to his needs to defend the innocence of the young. His views and opinions are not outrageous, neither are his actions. His beliefs on society being...