Legal drinking age 18 instead of 21 in US

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Although the minimum drinking age for most states in the United States is 21 years, this law causes more problems than solutions. By changing the drinking age society will have fewer problems with underage drinking, and young adults will have fewer problems with underage drinking. Additionally, this law remains unfair to these young adults who have all the other responsibilities of being an adult, yet don't have the privilege of drinking. With the legal age currently at 21, many downsides are being seen and many people are beginning to question the practice of this law. Drinking alcohol under age is often seen as rebelliousness which could be the cause of many of the teenagers drinking more than would be consumed if it was legal. Also many of the problems regarding alcohol use around colleges would be solved because of being able to better regulate alcohol consumption if alcohol were a legal substance for that age.

Also if the drinking age were lowered it would allow the 18-20 age group to be able to learn to drink more responsibly and in more controlled environments rather than garages, college dorms or while driving in cars. Besides they can die for their country but can't consume an alcoholic beverage. What sense does that make?

Why would lowering the age to 18 help to decrease drinking problems among the 18-20 yr. old crowd? You must first look at why drinking takes place at this age group to begin with. "Drinking is seen by these as a "forbidden fruit," a "badge of rebellion against authority," and a symbol of adulthood". (The drinking age should be lowered, paragraph 2 ) At the age of 18 one is considered an adult and is given most adult privileges with the exception of the right to drink. Colleges are...