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LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA I propose that the use of marijuana should be legalized. According to the American Journal of Nursing, marijuana is safer, less addictive and causes fewer mood alterations then tea.(Brown 13) So why are items that are less harmful then marijuana legal wh ile marijuana is not? I will show that marijuana should be legalized by disproving the reasons why people believe it should remain illegal. I will than demonstrate that the legalization of marijuana is beneficial to the government and the people.

Many people believe that the drug would become more easily obtainable for young people. The truth is that young people often finds things more appealing if they are forbidden. Taking away the very thing that makes it appealing could cause a loss of inter est. Many people also believe that legalizing the drug would cause problems at schools and on the work place. Employers and schools could give severe penalties for those found "high" on the job.

Random drug tests would also would also help remedy the poss ible problem.

People say that the use of the drug causes medical problems. This argument is simply not based on fact. Junkfood, salt, tobacco and alcohol have been proven to do greater harm to the body and affect more areas of the body than marijuana.(Bowman 8a) Many people believe that the drug is addictive. The fact is "there is no scientific proof that shows marijuana is addictive." (Bowman 8a) Studies done by the American Journal of Nursing also show that the drug is not addictive. (Brown 13) People also believe t hat legalization of the drug will promote its use. Legalizing the use of the drug will give the government the power to regulate its use. Both state and federal government would be able to tax the...