Legalizing Gay Marriage

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Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

For years, people have looked at homosexuals as disgusting, shameful, and against beliefs. "Homosexuality has always existed in all cultures throughout time," but to us, this sexual orientation seems new and changed from back then when it was very common in the Greek cultures" ( The controversy over this abnormal orientation suggests this behavior as a result of genetic works while others believe it comes from their own choices resulting from the lifestyle they live in. Now, the populations of gays seem to have increased by a great deal and are exposing themselves to the public more than ever. In states where gay rights are liberal, the population inflation has jumped up to at least over 200 percent in each of those states. In Nevada, there was a 711 percent increase from 613 to 4,973 of same-sex households which is one of the highest percent increase of the gay population in the liberal gay states (Elliot).

Now that same-sex marriages is requesting for liberty and rights, homosexuality in the US is becoming a problem with opposition. As decisions are taking place in some states, struggles in others are continuing to ban same-sex marriages. From the CBS News Polls, it shows that among the supporters in favor of same-sex marriages, 64% think that gay and lesbian people should receive the same legal rights as heterosexuals do. The reason to do so is apparent and very fair: "lesbians and gay men pay taxes, work for a living, care for one another and raise children; they buy homes together and hope to grow old together.[Therefore,] these relationships should be treated legally for what they are: family" (archive?????). Homosexuals should also receive employment benefit. This will allow them to receive equal compensation for equal, which is an essential ingredient in...