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The issues facing the Faith Community Hospital are a matter of modern health care ethics, economics, and current health laws. There also exist a connection between health care ethics and the economic wealth-fare of the organization. Whereas considerations of the economic kind and the organizations systems of values, the issues and problems at hand derivate as a domino effect of the financial strain medical organizations are under, and Faith Community Hospital is no exception. This analysis will focus on the different issues the hospital management is facing among it system of values, financial hardships, and how the organizational processes can maintain a strong and sound stability at Faith Community Hospital.

Identify the Problem

At the core, the kind of issues the Faith Community Hospital is facing, originate from the headlines that "medical errors cause tens of thousands of deaths each year, close to 100,000 in hospitals alone" (UOP Material).

Such medical errors are an issue of risk management; the need to facilitate patient safety information and stress the importance of risk management has become essential to a hospitals daily routine in order to reduce the danger. Such errors decrease the patronage of patients in which in turn affects the hospitals bottom line.

The second problem at hand, it is the continuous rising of healthcare cost. To offer effective and cost-efficient healthcare solutions has never been most difficult than in current times. Cost-cutting efforts often are meet with the ethical question of fairness and the possibility that a non-profit hospital system would not be able to remain in operation because of intense financial losses of such cost-cutting efforts would materialize.

The ethics and laws pertaining to the conveyance of health care are constantly changing, and such changes often come to challenge the ideals, beliefs, morals of the patient and their...