"Letters from Death Row: last letter from a prisoner to his mother"

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Monday, March the 13thTexas state prisonMom,When you get this letter, I will not be a part of this world anymore. This is my last chance to say what I want to say. I want it to be a message of pure honesty. The last eight years have been very difficult for me. I barely ever slept because I was too nervous. Guards flashed lights in our faces almost every hour, to check on us. My cell felt like a box. I was losing all of my senses. Life on death row was a living hell.

You know the truth. I regret what I’ve done and wish I could take it back. I’m sorry I spent most nights on the streets. On my 19th birthday, a friend brought me LSD to try. A fun birthday present, he said it was. That bastard, if he had known! I took way more than I should have and soon I was out of control.

I stole my friends’ gun and emptied the load on an innocent 20-year-old girl. My friends abandoned me on the spot, where the cops found me an hour later, near the body. I was still hallucinating and my fingerprints were all over the crime scene. I guess that made me automatically guilty.

The lawyer they gave me… He barely fought for me. A 19-year-old kid receiving the death sentence, and he just said he was sorry. “Sorry.” I could not believe it.

It hurt deep inside knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life behind lock and key. I think that if I could have afforded a better lawyer, I could have avoided the death sentence.

I could have had the chance of growing up… Getting a job. A family.

It’s hard to die when you haven’t...