To lie or to die, the choice of John Proctor in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.

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Is anything more important than life?

Billions of people have spent their lives on earth attempting to achieve immortality. Many attempt to leave their impact on the world through long hours of hard work and determination. Authors, athletes, scientists, and politicians spent their years working to make themselves into legends. Others attain this goal with one simple act based upon their principles. In Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, John Proctor was able insure that far after his life, he would be remembered. Although life is a precious gift, there are things that are more important than your own existence.

The first reason that there are things more important than your own life is that your name will live on after your death. Children have grown up for generations revering the names of mean like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Joseph Smith. They are all admired for the way they lived their lives.

Whether it was crossing the Delaware and attacking the redcoats on Christmas Day, or always telling the truth, or stepping up when questioned about his religious beliefs, they always held true to their values. Many parents have given their children these namesakes, and in this namesake is indestructible evidence of the lives that these men lived. As long as children continue to be honored with these names, these men will continue to justify their actions, even as other all around them conceded to the pressure of society.

The next contention that there are things more important than your own life is that all people will be affected by the causes you are willing to die for. There was once a young man, and his mother, who were visiting New York City. As they traveled by subway, a gang of men climbed on board. This throng of men approached...