The Crucible, By Arthur Miller.

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This essay is about the moral dilemma John Proctor is faced with. It analyzes the good/bad sied of the two options, to lie and live or to tell the truth and die. Contains quotes and specific details. I sugesst students of Spaulding HS in Barre do not use this.

The Crucible-By Arthur Miller

In our lives, we are faced with many life altering choices, many of which are based on one main subject; right versus wrong, or good versus bad. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a character named John Proctor is faced with a great moral dilemma. Should he put his reputation on the line to save his life, or tell the truth and die an honest man? John Proctor must decide between these two horrible fates, as a once sane Christian town falls down around him, and all faith in God is lost.

The Crucible is set back in 1692, in Salem Massachusetts.

As a strictly puritan society, the people of Salem had been held under tough authority, and in the midst of it, had been searching for ways to get back at each other. When the Reverend Parris's niece, daughter, and slave are found with many other village girls dancing in the woods and conjuring spirits, the villagers believed that the devil was walking in Salem. When the group of girls who had been dancing in the woods were questioned about their actions "cried out" against women and men in the town, saying that they were witches and had told them to do it. One of these girls was Abigail Williams, the Reverend Parris's niece. Abigail had been having an affair with John Proctor, a well respected and revered farmer in Salem. As the story continues, Abigail accuses John's wife, Elizabeth Proctor, of trying to...