Life after death- Is there one?

Essay by m_iria_m July 2004

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This is one of the great questions of life: What happens when we die? Is death the end of human existence and consciousness, or do we continue in some other place or state of being? Do we go to a place of everlasting reward or eternal torment? Are we destined to be reincarnated, coming to life again in a different body in a seemingly endless cycle of living and dying? Will we ever see deceased loved ones again? Is there somewhere you can go to find the answers?

In spite of centries of research, science cannot tell us when, where or how life began. Only one source tells us how life began and for what purpose. Shouldn't we go to that source to understand the mystery of death? The Bible tells us exactly what happens after death. It tells us what happens to those who have done right and wrong and reveals the fate of the billions of people who have never known God and His way of life.

Most churches claim to teach what the Bible says--but what does it really reveal? You need to discover the answers yourself. You'll be shocked when you find out what the Bible really teaches about what happens after death!

Many people believe there's a life after death, and the life we are given is a reflection of how we lived our old lives. For example, if we were good and helped the sick and went to church every week, we would be given a lifetime of happiness in heaven, whilst someone who's been to mass once and killed a bus load of people will go to hell. Personality, I believe that no one knows, sure, people can guess and pray they go to heaven. I on the other hand, don't.