Life Altering Experience.

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It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon during the summer, and I was driving on Route 287 South. I was following traffic at an average speed of 70 M.P.H., when it happened. About two miles ahead of me a car blew out one of its tires, spun out of control and hit a light pole. Upon seeing this, the traffic slowed dramatically. The car was covered with flames near the engine and the flames were spreading towards the gasoline tank. The flow of cars slowly continued to their respective destination. I noticed another car had just pulled over next to the blazing car. The driver was in a mad frenzy to save the passengers. It was amazing how this man had no regard for his own well being and his only intent was to secure the woman that was driving and her two children that were traveling with her.

The flames had spread to the front seats and the man had only secured the life of the woman that was driving. The man kept the woman a safe distance from the blazing car for the fear of the worst. By this time there were other people along the high-way but the man was the only one that was daring enough to risk his life to try and save the two children. From what I could see one child was the age of 14 or 15 and the other about 12 or 13. There was no way the man could rescue the two children in one attempt because they were unconscious. This is when I had a moment of truth if you will, seeing the woman weeping openly and pleading for the safety of her children I realized I had to take some sort of action. I parked my car, took off my shirt wrapped it around my fist and smashed the rear window where the younger of the two were lying. By this time the flames were over me and the fellow that was rescuing the other child. As we brought out the children from the car, I heard fire trucks and police cars next to us. They immediately put out the flames and all three of the victims escaped with minor injuries. The woman and children were taken to a near by hospital and were treated for their injuries.