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Charlie Chaplin was born April 16, 1889 in Walwprth England. The mean streets of England would throw all they could at Chaplin who in turn would in the end laught in the faces of all that doubted him. Chaplin no doubt had a very rough life filled with pain and suffering but he turned that sorrow into happiness which was felt by all those who watched his films.An influence is the shaping force in one's life, it decides who they are and who they will be. Charlie Chaplin, who is named as being one of the greatest film stars ever had influences which made him who he was, and these influences were his rough childhood, his mother, and women.

Chaplin's first and probably most prominent influence was his mother Hannah. From the time he was a mere child his mother was all he had, this was partly because his father left them when Chaplin was only three years old.

Chaplin's mother had to work two jobs just to be able to barely feed the children and live in a dirty apartment. One of those jobs was at a local comedy bar where she worked as a pantomime artist sometimes she would take Chaplin with her. Chaplin immediately fell in love with the work he started to try and imitate some of the shows he saw, until one day when Hannah's voice failed Chaplin went on stage and sung "Jack Jones." He got a standing ovation. It was on that day that Hannah knew her son would be a star. Years later after his success Chaplin tells that, "If it had not been for my mother, I doubt if I could have made a success of pantomime. She was one of the greatest pantomime artists I have ever seen, (McCabe 5)."When Chaplin was only fourteen his mother was taken away and put in a Psychiatric hospital. This left Chaplin and his brother Sydney to find work to try and support themselves.

Chaplin began to work at a local comedy club which was the start of his performing career. Hannah had always told Chaplin that he could be whatever he wanted when he grew up, and he wanted to be a movie star.

Chaplin's second influence was his troubled childhood. When he was merely four his father left him and his mother with no money. Chaplin was forced to get a job just so they could survive. Then at only fourteen his mother was sent away and Chaplin and his brother had to go live in a foster home where they were beaten daily, which greatly scarred the fragile Chaplin.

Then, Hannah was given leave from the hospital and she came and took her boys home. But, the happiness didn't last long she was sent back. At this point all that Chaplin had was his brother Sydney who left to join the army. To try to pass the time Chaplin began to pantomime on street corners a skill that his mother had taught him long ago, when he was just a child. This was said about Chaplin's troubled childhood, "If as is likely, one never gets over ones childhood, Charlie Chaplin's was the true shaping force of his personality and to a large degree his talent, (Knauer 27)." So, the troubles during his childhood helped to prepare him for the hardships that latter life had in store for him, and it gave him his unique sense of humor.

Chaplin's third influence was his love for women. All together Chaplin has been married three times, has been divorced twice, and has fathered six children. This was said about Chaplin's infamous love life: The lovers lane Charlie Chaplin has trod is strewn thick with every kind of romance. No man in modern history has loved and been loved by so many beautiful, brilliant, and famous women.

Paradoxically enough the great comedian of the screen must be recorded as the great lover of the twentieth century. (McCabe 211) Chaplin's first wife was Mildred Harris. Chaplin met her while working on one of his films. He immediately fell in love with her beauty and pliability. Just a few weeks after they met Mildred told Chaplin about her pregnancy. They married on October twenty-third, 1918 before a Justice of the Peace. On July seventh, 1919 Mildred gave birth to a malformed son who died three days later. They divorced immediately. Chaplin's second wife was Lita Murray. They met while Chaplin was acting in a Hollywood restaurant. Chaplin didn't want his mother to find out about the relationship because he was thirty-five and she was only sixteen. But, she later found out when she walked in on them having sex. She told Chaplin to leave her. Lita told Chaplin she was pregnant so Hannah now ordered Chaplin to marry her. They became unhappy with the forced marriage. Charlie Chaplin Jr. was born May fifth, 1925. The divorced soon after. Chaplin's third and longest lasting wife was Oona O'Neil. They also met on scene at one of Chaplin's movies and married on June sixteenth, 1943. They had four children together Geraldine, Michael, Josephine, and Victoria. But, what is perhaps the funniest ending to one of Chaplin's relationships was with a Co-star Joan Barry. They had an affair, but then he met Oona and broke it off. One night seeking revenge Joan broke into Chaplin's house while he was sleeping and held a gun to his head for over an hour until he finally talked her out of it. They made love again and she went to jail.

Chaplin definitely had many women constantly around him and it was due largely to the immense love for his mother.

An influence is the shaping force in one's life, it decides who they are and who they will be. Charlie Chaplin who is named as being one of the greatest film stars ever had influences which made him what he was, and they were his mother, his childhood, and women.

Chaplin's mother was a large influence to him because he looked up to her and loved her terribly and he would do anything to please her and that thing was acting. His childhood was an influence to him because it gave him the environment that was needed to give him the mind that would one day turn him into one of the greatest film stars ever. Women were an influence to him because he was always around them so he would try and do whatever he could to show off for them even if that thing was to make them movies.