"The Life of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald"

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"This Side of Paradise" is beautiful, ugly, brave, cowardly, immaculate, flawed. It's

paradise lost and paradise regained and paradise in purgatory. It's everything life and man

should or shouldn't be, all at once. I can perfectly understand why someone wouldn't like

this novel, wouldn't understand, wouldn't appreciate. But I also understand that if all the

world were Amory-ish or Amory-leaning, Amory-sympathetic, Amory-lovers, or even

Amory-haters - somehow the world would just collapse and be ruined. And I think this is

also a bit of what Fitzgerald was trying to impart, so it is as it should be."(Bartleby,

quotes) F. Scott Fitzgerald lived a life he believed to be a failure. "The obituaries were

condescending, and he seemed destined for literary obscurity."(S.C.edu ) Despite his

grandeur and title as "symbol of the Jazz age", he felt his life was a wasted one, spent too

long hunting for the real meanings of life and the truth of the American Dream.

Fitzgerald was born in St. Louis, Minnesota to Catholic parents Edward and

Mollie Fitzgerald. His father had a strong tie to the Old South, and his mother was an Irish

immigrant. Fitzgerald, raised by these two parents of extremely different backgrounds,

was sent to Catholic boarding schools at an early age. His father worked as a furniture

retailer and failed in that endeavor. There is little mention of his father, while it is a

commonly known fact that Fitzgerald was raised on his mother's inheritance, therefore his

mother's money. This Side of Paradise is widely accepted as an autobiographical novel

about Fitzgerald's life "The novel contains a number of autobiographical elements and

made an enormous impact on the later life of its author--who may never have written

anything else if not for its success."(Encarta) In the novel as in real life the...