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Jay Cleveland

The Kite Runner

Mrs. Ervine


Khaled Hosseini the author of the novel, "The Kite Runner", makes it quite clear that one of his main themes is Amir's wanting for redemption. Early in the novel we learn that Amir has a best friend named Hassan. Amir and Hassan have grown up together in Kubal, Afghanistan since they were little kids. In the first few chapters we learn about kite running, and how Hassan is one of the best in all of Kubal. A few chapters after we learn about Amir life altering experience. While Hassan and Amir are competing in a kite running competition, one of the opponents Assef isn't pleased and accuses Hassan of cheating. Assef and his friends charged Hassan, and pinned him down in an alley. Amir ran away in shock, and was only later informed that his dearest friend had just been raped.

After living in Kubal for many years, they are invaded by the Soviet Union, and Amir is forced to retreat to the United States. His retreat to the US was probably a turn for the better in Amir's life; he got the chance to start over. He was living in Fremont, California, when he got an offer from his old friend Rahim Khan. Khan had become very sick and Amir felt that it would be right for him to go back and help out. When Amir arrived in Kubal he finds Sohrab, the son of Hassan. He also crosses paths Assef the man who had raped Hassan twenty some years earlier. Amir throughout the whole story has been searching for some sort of redemption. Amir eventually finds out that Sohrab is also a victim of physical and sexual abuse. Amir finds this redemption in saving Sohrab and...