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lititorial impact is a great load of crap.

107th Congress S 408 1st Session To propose the funding of the establishment of small businesses.

In the United States Senate October 30, 2001 Sponsored by Carl Levin of Michigan.

A Bill To propose the funding of the establishment of small businesses.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assemble, That this Act may be cited as the Small Business Aid Act. This act would begin in the beginning of the year in 2003. The Small Business Aid Act should be applied because businesses are difficult to establish without financial assist. The establishment of more businesses will cause taxation upon the people of the United States. This taxation will boost the economy and also expand the limits of the economy. Also, the establishment of small businesses will increase the financial stability in the average American home.

To accomplish this, money will be funded to those who wish to establish a small business. This fund will only be given for the establishment of a small business, not for the extent of the business. For example, the establishment of a small business could include building rental and utility use. The Small Business Aid Act would only apply for no longer than ninety days. Furthermore, the United States government, not the state, will first approve all businesses that will be funded. The aid of establishment small businesses does have the opportunity to become large businesses. Large businesses can then aid the economy. The Small Business Aid Act will primarily help those who have difficulty in supporting them or their family financially. This act will also open up many new opportunities for those who do not wish to start a business but to work. This money in which is being funded would have to come from the capital gains tax but will also come back to the capital gains tax. More business means more tax which means more money for the United States government. The Small Business Aid act is an act that expands the opportunities of small entrepreneurs and also the government.

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