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Live Event Management : Assignment 2, Indidvidual Report

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this report is aiming to explain the author's role and responsobilities they played in organising the groups live event and also what the de-brief sessions factored in for those suppliers and team members who worked in this area.

The group in which the author worked with is called the Aspire Events. It consist of six members and the event that was organised by this group was fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity which was held on the 6th of May 2014. The report will also continue to reflect and eveluate how the authur did and how successful her role in the event. The author will explain in details her role and responsibilites and how she can improved in future events.

Roles and Responsibilities

Coming up with a theme was a big challenge for the group. The group changed their mind on what event to organise until they eventually agreed on raising funds a one of the most famous charitable organisation in the country known as the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Charity.

Aspire Events initially decided to plan a live event in a care home, student barbecue in the park, children birthday party and pub quiz but they were all declined by the group in their meetings.

However the group eventually agreed on the charitable event. Coming up with the fundraising event was the author's brainwave. the reason for the idea was that, the author personally made monthly contribution for this organisition due to her love for children. in other to raise enough funds for the charity, the author and other group members agreed to make cupcake and sell at the live event, which then turn up to become the main part of the event.

the team...