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Miracle Okereke (16+ category)



The Olympics has spelled us all,

We all own bikes now, riding across our chartered streets

Whilst strutting our stuff in our skin tight spandex shorts,

We are aware we look like fools however,

In our pixelated vision we are peddling for gold.

Yesterday, as I rode by,

I watched the brown leaves slowly float away

Whilst the branches wept like clingy mothers,

In the still noon I watched this departure

The leaves like snowflakes fell silently

Then wandered thence,

Their beauty now dispersed upon the ground

Like fallen soldiers they simply just laid there

Like fallen soldiers they fall, so we may rise


All I Need

As the big game approaches

And it begins to feels so real The fire inside me starts burning Finally, found something I can feel I steel myself for the battle for the test of my endurance, I take a long breath Ready myself to take a stance with every road comes an end This one is no different The preparation for the battle

Draws to a sweet end as my head floats to the clouds

The moment to mount

Approaches fast

As I get ready to fly pushing the pedals brings me faith that I control my life

Pushing the pedals bring me joy

As I realise the gears to happiness

Are within my grip

My bicycle is my only escape he never lets me fall,

My bicycle is all I need

He reminds me to keep breathing.