A Look at Income and Educational Inequality in America.

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Rich vs. Poor:

A Look at Income and Educational Inequality in America

Ever since I can remember the importance of education has been made clear. My parents have always told me that I need to get good grades and go to a good college, like them, so I can make money and do the same for my kids and so on. I never stopped to think about how lucky I am that I am actually going to a University with what seems like, such economical ease. The fact of the matter is that many people do not get that same opportunity. The majority of the population in America has little access to the same institutions that some middle and all upper class Americans have access to. Equal Opportunity gives the chance of every man or woman to earn what he or she has worked for. Equal Opportunity is a myth; it claims that there is no racism, no prejudice and that we live in a meritocracy where advancement is based solely on individual ability.

In America today the lives of people are restricted by the world they live in, whether it is the inner city or the suburbs. The power elite are a group of people who are in positions that surpass the environment that ordinary people live in or are restricted to. G. William Domhoff's Who Rules America: Power and Politics is not only a superb piece of sociological analysis but also draws our attention to a variety of ways in which the upper class and the power elite exercise power, it places particular emphasis on the range of organizations--think tanks, foundations, advocacy groups--that play powerful roles in the policy-planning, opinion-shaping, and candidate-selection processes, even though most are utterly unfamiliar to most Americans. While ordinary people are controlled...