Home Economics: What is the most important issue facing America today and why?

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Home Economics

America faces a plethora of problems and issues on a daily basis. Let's face it, though many view us as superior to all other countries, we, as a nation, are far from a utopia. Because of our supremacy and power, we probably deal with more issues than any other country in the world. But, judging the importance of these issues is simply a matter of opinion. One can argue valid points for multiple issues as being the most important of all. In my opinion, the lack of income created for middle class families by the economy and its effect on the home is most important. The lack of funds being generated in the middle class factors into higher divorce rates, broken families, a lack of morality in today's youth, poor relationships between parents and their children, and the difficulty of putting children through college.

Since 1973, eighty percent of families have either a decreased household income, a lowered standard of living or a household income that has remained stagnant.

Couple that with money issues being the number one reason why married couples argue and it can be seen why I link the poor economy to our startling divorce rate. Life can become drab and depressing when forced to live check-to-check, thus creating an unhappy household and possibly a split between the couple. But lack of income is not the only reason why I feel the economy is somewhat responsible for divorces in America. More and more husbands and wives are being forced to take on second jobs in order to make ends meet. These extra hours at work or second jobs are being taken at the expense of time spent with their significant other. Because of this lack of time together, the spouses may become distant, which...