Looking for Alibrandi by Brian Cassewell, This is a reveiw and reflection on each chapter of the book.

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Looking for Alibrandi Reflection journal and review


Her name is Josephine Alibrandi she goes to a rich school called St Martha's where she is in year 12. In this chapter Josephine tells us about her problems at school and at home. At home she has to deal with her mother who is single and her grandmother who always tries to control her life. At the end of the chapter we find out that Josie's father has turned up at Sydney. Michael Andretti is his name and he is a barrister who has lived in Adelaide for the past seventeen years. This means Josephine has never seen or met her father which is pretty sad. She also lives on the poorer side of Glebe.

This chapter can relate to me because I have some problems with home life and school life. Also I some relatives who live in Glebe so this can relate to me.


In this chapter Josie is convinced by her friends to get a ride with Sera's boyfriend (Angelo Pezzini) to the Annual 'Have a say day' at Martin Place. Josie is forced to give the school's speech when she and her friends are caught by Sister Louise and Ivy Lloyd getting out of Angelo Pezzini's car. At the speech-giving Josie meets Jacob Coote, the last time Josie saw him was in year 10 when he threw eggs at her. Jacob flirts and jokes with Josie, but she says he's not her type.

This cannot relate to me at all because things like this don't happen to me.


In chapter 3 Josie visits her grandmother who constantly checks up on her and tries to control her life. Josie's father turns up unexpectedly and meets her. Josie's father Michael only just realises during...