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The Lord of the Flies By, William Golding The Lord of the Flies was a very interesting book. It was published in 1954, by The Berkley Publishing Group.

The setting of the novel was taken place in England. Their where many boys that had been evacuated from England because there was a war against the reds. Then later on after they had left, an atom bomb had fallen on England and damaged their civilization. Then their was an accident that occurred but the boys where landed safely on an island which to them felt like they where in a paradise.

Plot: The book begins by Ralph and Piggy meeting each other on the beach. They where part of the group of boys that had been sent out from England from the nuclear war. The whole group gets together and Ralph was picked as the leader of the group. They use Peggy's glasses to start the fire and then the strong wind sets the whole forest on fire and one of the small boys gets lost in the blaze.

Ralph spends most of his time building shelters to protect the boys, when Jack is always out for a hunt. After Jack kills the first pig, they have a feast, and when the pig's is covered with flies and it becomes, "the "Lord of the Flies", a symbol of the boys' evil savagery." Things start to turn bad and Ralph start fights with everyone. Jack breaks off from the group and opens his own tribe at Castle Rock; most of the boys follow him. Piggy, Sam, Eric, and some others stay with Ralph. Later on, they mistake Simon for the beast and beat him up until he dies. One day when Jack takes Peggy's glasses, Ralph and Piggy went to get them back, the guard kills Piggy. They also capture Sam and Eric and force then to join their tribe. Towards the end of the novel they look for Ralph. Ralph has no other choice then to go to the beach, where he falls. When he gets back up he faces a naval officer. They tell him all the things that have happened, he gets upset. They where all ashamed of their behavior, but they all learned a lesson.

The most important characters of the book where: Ralph, son of a naval officer. He was twelve years old and cared about surviving and being rescued. Jack was self-centered, he also cared about hunting. He was aggressive. Piggy was a good boy and a sensible. He also had asthma. Simon was a calm kid who wanted to be alone and did things on his own.