Lord Of The Flies Essay.

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This novel was very symbolic and also very literal at the same time. "The Lord of the Flies" can be interpreted in many different ways all depending on the way you would prefer. This novel "The Lord of the Flies" by William Golding linking the imperfection of society together with the imperfection of human nature.

William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" is a very unique allegory expressing the differences about human nature and society, through symbols and their meanings. An allegory is a story with two or more levels of meaning, a literal level and one or more symbolic levels. The events, setting, and characters in an allegory are symbols for ideas or qualities. In an allegory, characters represent concepts, so that the conflicts and resolutions among characters result in an underlying theme. An example of the novel being an allegory is when they used the conch at the meetings.

The conch is a symbol of power. The person that was holding it during one of the meetings was the only one able to speak other that Ralph, which was able to interrupt. Literally it is just a shell and really has no power at all. The children made the conch into being some powerful shell that they could not go against. They felt something horrible would happen if the interrupted the person holding the conch. This is an example of allegory. There are many other examples of allegory all through the novel.

Another illustration of allegory is "The Lord of the Flies" which is a pig's head on a stick that was shoved into the ground. The pig's head was starting to rot and had flies crawling through its eyes and nose. This is a symbol of evil. Really all it is...