COMPARISON ESSAY: The Lord of the Flies(William Golding) vs. Sympathy of the devil (Mick jagger)

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The Lord of the Flies vs. Sympathy of the devil

Did you ever asked yourself who or what is the devil? What it represents in human

Society and whether it exists in any form or not. The book "The Lord of the Flies" by William

Golding is compared to the song " Sympathy for the Devil " by Mick Jagger in this essay, to show

that the devil is in everybody where and how he appears in front of us, that the devil is deadly and

whether we can resist him when he faces us.

In "The Lord of the Flies " Jack represents an evil figure that leads the hunters group against

the original group led by Ralph which gets smaller and smaller. Because of Jack's evil actions,

like putting a pig's head in font of the monsters hole. His whole group follows him because they

have always enough to eat and drink and they basically do what they want to, but if someone

disobeys Jack's orders he will be punished.

Fear is a factor that makes his whole

group do whatever he says, even to kill. Similarly in " Sympathy for the Devil " the devil himself

explains that he is around us and can be in everybody. The phrase: " I shouted out ""who killed

the Kennedy's?" "When after all it was you and me." Tells us that the person that murdered the

American president john F. Kennedy was influenced by him as is anyone who does not right and

which leads to death.

In "The Lord of the Flies" the devil appears in one form. The pig head that Jacks's group stack on

a stick and placed on the island. Simon is the one that seeks contact and faces...