Lord of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies: Diary Entries

By Lee Hope

23rd October 1942

Dear Journal, I have arrived on this strange and uninhabited island after our airplane collided into the ground. I am dressed in my cloak much different from the other boys outfitted in their school uniforms. Today I was exploring along with Jack, Simon and Ralph, we found a pig wedged in a web of vines, Jack drew his knife and stepped in to slaughter it but he paused. The pig escaped and quickly ran away through the maze of jungle and Jack cursed out loud.

25th October 1942 Dear Journal, Ralph is one to recommend ideas, he goes off to form a signal fire to see if ships come to rescue us. I think this is a great idea to signal the ships but surviving to me is more important. Just then the second assembly was held and Ralph decided that a group of hunters are needed to slaughter animals; also a new rule of whoever has the conch gets to speak without being interrupted.

29th October 1942

Dear Journal,

Ralph believes that maybe hunting isn't as important as other things such as a signal fire for getting rescued. Although building huts and making fire are good decisions, but we are living off fruit and water. Water is scarce and Ralph is very picky about who takes water from the coconuts. For these and many other reasons, I've decided to go off to some place and make a camp there, away from all these batty boys and nonsense rules. Now I have to just explore around a bit and see how I can survive. I don't know what to do; I am under so much pressure… To survive on this island. People are going crazy, losing their...