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The group of boys in "Lord of the Flies" starts with a very organized and functional society. In the beginning, the boys' instincts commence and they stick together. With this functional society the boys choose a leader, which is Ralph, but still manage to keep equality. This equality is shown through using a conch. The conch is important to the group because it gives each boy a chance to speak and have an opinion. For the group there is a great deal of importance in building and keeping a fire going. The fire is used for cooking and the smoke is a sign for anyone that might be looking for the boys. Food and shelter are the main means of survival, so the group of boys build tents and learn how to hunt and fish.

In the beginning of the film the boy's, for the most part, are civil to one another.

Even though there are some arguments and differences the group works together to have some hope of survival. In my opinion, this "boy scout" way of surviving is the groups' old way of values. Another example of the group having some kind of normality is the campfire at night. The boys gathering around the fire and telling ghost stories were a way of holding on to their past, like it was just a camping trip. In addition, the boys' physical appearance changes, being clean and wearing clothes were no longer important.

At first, the boys are socialized into killing for survival. I might be wrong but, the animal that was killed first was a small rodent (if not, a pig). This killing of an animal, I feel was a great accomplishment in the boys eyes. For some of them it was pride and for others it...