Lord of the Flies

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Rachel Leao

Ms. Farrell

English III Honors

17 October 2013

What happens when there is no rules, when boys are left to their own devices, to live, feed and survive on their own? The theme of Lord of the Flies is described by Golding "As an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature" (E.I. Epstein 1). Lord of the Flies' main theme was the boys loss of innocence as the novel progressed and which showed the defects of the boys and their society and how their defects could be traced back to the defects of human nature. The boys were constantly changing from the beginning to end of the novel, from civilized to savage and their actions changed, from playing games and acting naive, to not following any rules, to killing animals to humans.

No parents, no one to tell that what to do, no adult figure in sight the boys were excited and ready have fun when they first landed on the island.

The boys acted innocent and playful, Ralph laughed at Piggy when he is told his name, he made fun of him, mocked him and then jumped right into the water not worried about a thing. They made civilized conversation, small talk, saying what their parents did and Ralph had the naive notion that his father, "...when he gets leave he'll come and rescue us" (Golding 13). The boys did not seem to bothered with the fact that they were stranded on the island, they believed someone would come and rescue them so instead they decided to go have fun. Ralph, Jack and Simon go and explore the island and find a challenge, a game for them to play, "The assault on the summit must wait while the the...