"Lord Of The Flies" Chapter Notes

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Chapter 1

*A shot down plane crashes on an island that carried boys from England.

*Ralph and Piggy find a conch and use it to summon all the other boys.

*Ralph is elected chief, and he tells the other boys about Piggy's nickname even though he told him not to tell.

Chapter 2

* They use Piggy's glasses to start a signal fire to get rescued. (pg 40).

* The Beast is mentioned by a littleun (34).

Chapter 3

*Jack tracks a pig and is very primal

* Ralph and Simon build huts on the beach.

*Jack thinks that hunting is more important and Ralph thinks that building shelters is.

*Simon goes to his special place.

Chapter 4

*Roger knocks down sandcastle that that the littl'uns have built and he throws a rock at one of them.

*Jack paints his face.

*A ship is sighted, but it doesn't come to rescue because the signal fire is out.

*The hunters kill a pig, instead of watching the fire.

*Jack breaks one of the lenses on Piggys's glasses.

*They relight the fire and cook the pig.

Chapter 5

*Ralph calls a meeting and tells them that they need the signal fire. He also reassures the group that there is no such thing as the beast.

*Simon says that maybe the beast isn't real and that it is just the boys (96)

*Jack thinks that Ralph isn't a good chief because he can't hunt or sing.

Chapter 6

*A shot down parachutist falls from the sky and lands on the mountain.

*Samneric see him and say that it is "the beast" (107-109)

*Jack, Ralph and a group of hunters go to kill the beast, and Piggy stays on the beach to watch the littl'uns

Chapter 7

*The boys do a re-enactment of...