Lorenzo de Medici.

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During the Renaissance as people were recovering from the Medieval Times there came about new achievements. New achievements came about in all fields including science and especially in the arts. The great works of arts and artists, and philosophers, and the writers that made those pieces all owe a great thanks to patrons like the famous Lorenzo de Medici. Lorenzo was not only thoughtful patron, but also was a worthy ruler, and politician, and a man who's character made him adored by his subjects, and to others.

Lorenzo de Medici was born in Florence, Italy on January 1, 1449 as Piero de Medici's eldest son. After continuing on to take his father's position, his high ideals and his own personal charm allowed him to gain an enormous amount of popular support. Not only was able to charm others to get popular support, but he a well-qualified politician and ruler.

Lorenzo was able to reform parts of Florence's government for the better, and unified districts of Florence. Lorenzo also kept the peace by maintaining a balance of power among the rival Italian states and thereby protecting Florence from foreign intervention. "A clever politician, he held Florence together during tough times (World History: Connections to the Past)." He also early on put down 2 rebellions, and even had a son that would later become Pope Leo X. In his last years before he died in April 9, 1492 Lorenzo was also leading the way with other Italian states towards being prepared for possible French invasion.

During Lorenzo's rule there was also a major, threatening conspiracy going on against the Medici family. The conspiracy was formed by the Pazzi family, which included many religious members including an archbishop, and a nephew to the pope. During mass in a cathedral Lorenzo was wounded...