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Essay by Pacojaleb December 2003

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Losing Me ( 9/25/2000 )

tears come down like raindrops on a stormy night

visions creep in and out of my head, disturbing the light

fears cascade from mountain tops, rivers overflow

I turned away from my sadness, yet I no longer glow

Identity lost, my heart holding on to simple hope

two worlds clash together, I cannot breath, barley cope

take away this mystery, take away this strange pain

trying so hard, even feeling some faith, yet I am still stuck out in the rain

feeling a bit crazy, or even a bit happy does not seem right

I remind myself about all the days, the nights, when I gave up that fight

Yet I am still here, faking a smile, when all I got for him is hurt

once again I force myself to believe, and once more I'm left in the dirt...


I watch people

Gathering together,

Exchanging hello's and goodbyes,

But I'm left alone.

Outside the circle,

Watching as my souls slowly dies.

I feel like I'm standing

Outside on the sidewalk,

Peeking in windows

Watching the fun

While I am left alone,

Facing the bitter wind as it blows.

I will never fit in

Or become one of the group.

I'm cursed by the outsider mark.

Acceptance a dream,

Acknowledgement a wish.

and again

I'm left alone in the dark.

Jesus Wept

Jesus wept

Do you Know why?

His blood is the tear he cries

Sorrow fills his every vein

For soon mankind shall be insane

Destroying earth

Destroying land

And Jesus Christ himself shall brand

Us as cold cruel beings


Upon a cross

We all shall pay this deadly cost

The end has come, and you shall see

You know that what will be , will be

Killing man

Killing earth

There shall never be rebirth

Leaving man to dwell in sin

Death of earth shall now begin

But death shall not be in god's hands

The sword is swung by the hands of man

We shall destroy ourselves and cry

The good book says, we all shall die.