Lost Freedom

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Lost Freedom I believe that as American's have been lead into the 21st century, we have begun to loose much of our freedom. Government regulations have become strict, inflexible, and almost intolerable. Our rights as both Americans and individuals have diminished greatly as time continues on.

Within the past century, I believe that the government has become too powerful and dominant. Many of our rights as individuals, under the constitution of the United States, have been taken away unwillingly. For example, our right to freedom of speech is an amendment being interpreted stricter and stricter, as we are no longer able to freely express our thoughts and opinions because they are termed "not politically correct" or too "offending." Music and television is another area greatly affected by the gradual loss of our rights as Americans. Censorship of songs and television denies our rights to freedom of speech by not allowing the song writers or television producers to thoroughly get their view across, or for us to be able to accept and hear it.

It should be a right for the people to decide what they want to watch and hear, not the government.

Another loss of our freedom is seen through the government's use of social security numbers. This is just another one of the its abilities to keep a firm grasp over us at all times. We are not allowed our own personal freedom, due to the fact that the government can track us down any time it desires to do so. Our 2nd amendment right is also being violated. We supposedly have the right to bear arms, but laws are continually trying to be passed, asserting that Americans should not be allowed this right. The government is now making it harder and harder to access or buy a gun, thus once again, violating our rights.

As our country is becoming more technologically advanced, information can be acquired at a finger tips touch. Not only government officials, but also computer masters, can obtain the personal information of individuals or cause serious damage to their records and files. A persons street address, telephone number, and view of their criminal record can all be found online, just a click away.

I believe that as our country has continued to age, our freedom has continued to lessen. Our rights have started to slowly be taken away from us, and given to the government, as it continues to gain more and more power. As citizens, we have begun to experience a loss of freedom that will do nothing but pursue the same path as time goes on, if nothing is done about it.