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Critique After reading lord of the flies, written by William Golding in 1954 the movie directed by Peter Brook's released in 1963. You cant begin to imagine how mister Brook's felt after he put out a movie that is no were near to the level of quality that the book was. While reading the book you could picture what was happing better then was depicted in the movie, the main problem with the movie is the quality at which it was made. It could be that this movie was mad 22 years before i was born and i'm not used to seeing movies of such low picture quality and sound quality, or it could be that when i read the book i could see how the characters developed along side what they were forced to do on the island. In the movie however all i saw was a bunch of of people running around doing stuff.

The movie was not all bad the casting was done excellently and the black and white really added to the whole effect of how and what the book is actually about.

The casting for this movie was excellent, the people chosen to play the characters could'ent have been chosen better unless they book was actually about them. Hugh Edwards did an excellent job as piggy when you read the book you see all the characters in your mind, then when you watch the movie and see Piggy for the first time that is exactly what you thought he would be like in real life. Ralph was also chosen quite good but could have been a little older, in fact all of the actors could have been at least a year older then they were, because when you read the book then watch the movie the actors playing the characters don't seem like they should be able to do what they are doing. And i think that is why the movie did not live up to the standards of the book. Other then the age thing Michael McDonald and Terry Fay did an excellent job of casting. The one downside to this movie was Tom Chapin's acting he looked like the Jack u picture in your head and sounds like him to but he did not have the acting ability that all of the other actors did.

The black and white really added to the effect of the movie, if there is one thing good about this movie is that it is black and white. When you think of the book you picture all of the stuff going on in black and white and not colour, colour would just cheapin an already bad thing. The picture quality of this movie was terrible and not just the way things looked but how the people's mouths would move and no sound would come out till about half of a second later, it was like the movie was dubbed to english. It could also be that this movie is 38 years old and was originally recorded for a projector. What really bugged me was that sometime in the movie you would see the reels tangle and the screen would flash white. But thats not the worst thing about this book. the worst thing about this movie is the sound , the sound was terrible is sounded like you were listening to radio almost worse. This movie would have been better had they just used captions.

This was my opinions on the Lord of the Flies movies. I say that you would be 10 times better of just reading the book then actually watching the movie. The movie will go by faster but not fast enough. So don't watch this move two thumbs down.