How to Make a Beaded Iris.

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Outline for my Process Essay

Introduction- How to Make a Beaded Iris

A.Supplies many pipe cleaners and what colors

2.tri-beads-colors and how many

3.floral tape, wire, and twisted paper

B.Steps 1 thru 3

1.silver pipe cleaners

2.crystal beads

3.purple beads

C.Steps 4-7

1.yellow beads and pipe cleaners

2.attach petals and form

3.paper leaves

Conclusion- Knowing how to make a beaded iris

Misty Curtis


How to Make a Beaded Iris

Making a flower you never have to water, can be perplexing and enjoyable, at the same time. You will want to set aside an hour and a half on your first one. They make great Christmas or birthday presents, or are ideal for people with allergies. By following seven easy steps, anyone can master these jeweled flowers.

Before you begin, you will need to go to Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby and purchase twelve silver pipe cleaners, one five inch yellow pipe cleaner(comes in a pack of twenty-five), twenty-four yellow tri-beads(eleven mm)or forty-eight if you're making a bearded iris, 144 crystal tri-beads(eleven mm), 144 purple tri-beads(eleven mm).

All of those should be right beside each other in the craft aisle. The colored tri-beads come in an assorted bag. You will need to separate these, which is time consuming. Next, go to the artificial flower section and look for forest green floral tape, forest or grass green twisted paper (for the leaves), or buy purchased leaves. Then, take a metal hanger out of your closet. Cut it into a thirteen inch piece and use it for your stem.

Now you're ready to begin. Spread everything out so you can easily get to it. Count out twelve silver pipe cleaners and place them in a stack. With two of them, twist together at the center creating four prongs. Next, put

twelve crystal beads on both inside prongs of the silver pipe cleaner. To make the bearded iris, put ten crystal and four yellow beads on both of the inside prongs. Then, put twelve purple beads on both outside prongs of the pip cleaner. Make a total of six of these for the petals.

The next step can be a little tricky. Make sure you have your floral tape and scissors close. Now, get out twelve yellow beads and put them on your five inch yellow pipe cleaner. Space out the beads a little, bend it in half forming an oval shape, and tape it to the top of the stem wire. Next, go back to your prongs with beads on the petals and push the center beads in first, toward the"v." You will have to work these a bit to get them to look like petals. Now, push your purple beads, on the outside prongs, close to the"v." You might need to space them out a little. Attach one petal at a time to the stem wire with the floral tape. Form the petals like an iris, three up and three down. Align the three lowers with the middle meeting the three uppers meeting ends. Then, untwist the paper and straighten it slightly, to form a leaf. Cut into three pieces and tape two to the wire stem and shape them to taste.

You just learned the seven easy steps to make this beautiful jeweled flower. The more you do, the faster you will be at making them. All of the women in your family will be so surprised when they receive a bouquet of irises for their birthday, or on Christmas.