What makes a good movie?

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What makes a good movie? This is a very hard question, as different people have different views and ideas. I will try my best to answer this question. A good movie is a movie that leaves people thinking it is a good movie after watching it. If people don't think that it is a good movie after watching it, then the movie has failed to be a good movie.

This hasn't really answered the question as I still haven't told you what makes a good movie. A good movie needs to be a movie that does not bore people to death. How do you make a movie like that then? There are many ways to answer that question, but I will start with special effects. To make a good movie, it is not necessary to have good special effects, but good special effects can help make a good movie. A lot of movies nowadays use special effects to make the movie better, like 'The matrix', 'Lord of the rings', and countless other movies.

A lot of people comment on the special effects of a movie after watching the movie. There are times when people say: "That movie was horrible but the special effects surely were very good. So having special effects helps having a good movie.

The next thing I will talk about that helps with making a good movie a the acting skills of the actors in the movie. A good example of good acting is Johnny Depp in the movie 'Pirates of the Carribean'. If his acting had been bad in the movie, a lot less people would have liked the movie.

Possibly, the thing most people care about while watching a movie is the main character and how he or she acts. This isn't very...