What makes a good Pastoral Carer?

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The Pastoral Minister's task is a difficult one. Few would argue with that statement. The influence he/she has can be the difference between life and death. This unfortunately is the simple truth of the matter in many circumstances. So therefore the question; "what makes a good Pastoral Carer?" is obviously a serious one. What are the qualities that enable them to succeed when less qualified individuals fall short. In this essay I will attempt to outline the attributes that demonstrate the characteristics of a more competent Pastoral Carer. In my portrait of the Pastoral Minister I hope to determine the issues that are the most relative to this field.

I made this task seem rather easy when in fact it is an immensely difficult, and complex undertaking. To define the qualities of any professional is a daunting task, as there are so many features to be incorporated into the equation.

Explaining the function of Pastoral Minister is no different, and is perhaps a more difficult endeavour due to the sensitively of the role.

A good Pastoral Minister must first and foremost be at ease with their self. No one can truly help another if there is uncertainties in their own mind. They most recognise who they are. They most clearly see where, and from what they came. As well as this, they must have assurances in their own spirituality.

In addition to this the Pastoral Minister must recognise their own shortcomings, and incorporated in this, they must be in tune with their own feelings and reflect on their own past. Acceptance of one self, combined with confidence in ones own abilities are essential in my opinion. The Carer should ensure that they have at their disposal adequate understanding, awareness, as well as the skill necessary to do the task at...