What makes "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" Art?

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After viewing "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" I completely understand why it has won 8 academy awards. I think this film could be viewed numerous of times by the same person without ever getting old. After watching it the first time I got the basic plot and overall storyline of the movie. It is only after viewing it again that you can actually set aside the storyline and perhaps look deeper into the film. The deciding factors for a films availability to be viewed more than once depends on the person in my opinion. For me, especially in this genre, a movie must contain underlying messages and symbols throughout the whole movie. These underlying symbols are constantly drawing me back to view the movie again to uncover something new that I have not seen in the previous times. This film, although not as well as others, does have some deeper meaning throughout the movie which may take multiple times viewing it to grasp what the director is trying to convey.

In this film the director has a lot of scenes in the film where the reader is constantly questioning the movie and what could the scene possibly mean. For instance, one scene in the movie shows Jack Nicholson's character just thinking in silence for at least a minute of the film. This is a major part in the movie because you as the viewer for the first time is unsure of what he is thinking and what he is thinking is the precursor to the rest of the movie.

I believe this film has and still will stand the test of time. This film was made in 1975 and still to this day is celebrated as well as known by many of all different ages. This movie does confront...