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When taking the time to analyze different styles of writing and/or even beyond that and actually considering the background of the writer his/herself, it is rare to say you came over a perfect writer. Although there are various opinions on the techniques, topics and/or the details in which are used inside the text, it is those who consider all elements of impacting writing skills that are truly remembered by the audiences. Malcolm X, for example, proves this point well by creating a strong autobiography piece when he briefly describes his first encounter of racial injustice and current problem realizations. In this excerpt, Malcolm thoroughly and smoothly takes advantage of the variety of techniques such as: imagery, foreshadowing and a great deal of the pathos appeal.

The description of his teacher serves as the first sign of imagery when not only illustrating the appearance of the man, but giving chronological order of what actions he took upon Malcolm.

For example, "He was a tall, rather reddish white man and he had a thick mustache," follows along with his image. Also, the quote, "Mr. Ostrowski looked surprised, I remember and leaned back in his chair and clasped his hands behind his head. He kind of half-smiled and said...," further explains how the author depicted the teacher's physical response. The use of imagery in this excerpt not only acts as a setting depicture, but is a mood setter on top; this gives insight on what major key feelings the author is feeling, as well as his viewpoint.

In addition, foreshadowing portrays a major roll in this piece also. The author clearly makes use of the critical and emotional mood of the text and contrasts this response by catching the reader by surprise and adding a sentence of excitement. For instance, Malcolm gives...