Mama Mia

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Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia shows the story of Sophie and her journey which is, made up entirely of ABBA songs, Sophie was raised by her mother on a Greek Island. Sophie doesn't have an idea of who her father can be. She finds out that her dad has to be one of the three guys Bill, Sam or Harry. After she finds her mother's dairy from twenty-one years earlier. The day before Sophie is getting married, the three men show up on the island. However her mother is terrified because she doesn't want her daughter to find out about her past sexual encounters.

At the start of the production, the set proves to be very plain and simple. Only being a white house, resembling a Greek traverna. There was a considerable amount of use of two semi circled shape walls, which turned round to create several different locations. The use of this gave a certain sense of fast pace.

The cast had a tendency to 'pop' their heads over the top of the sets and towards the sides, giving a sense of humor and also helping to establish different levels.

The limited amount of stage and backspace during stage performance makes all the locations to become simple and none realistic, not only that but it also gives the performers not enough space. During the stage performance the lights are what made the show more realistic. However in the movie the film was filmed in Greece. This made it easier for the audience to believe the location and make it more realistic. The lighting in the film is light from during the day which made it more realistic.

In some parts of Mama Mia there are a couple of awkward passages. In my judgment one of the most iconic things...