Management And Leadership

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Kateryna Kirichek

Bus 100

Management and Leadership


Management and leadership can go together very well hand, yet they have two very

different meanings. In this paper, I will discuss the differences between management and

leadership. I will examine the roles and responsibilities of leaders in creating and making

a good organization.

What is management and what is leadership? Management structures the

organization, staffs it with people, and monitors activities (Bateman 368). Leaders

usually go far beyond that. Some of the traits of a leader are drive, leadership motivation,

self confidence, and knowledge of the business.

Drive refers to a set of characteristics that reflect a high level of effort (Bateman

371). A leader with drive will do anything to improve him self, the business, and the

people. I used to work for a small company in Ukraine, and when I saw that my leader of

manager was drive, and very passionate about his job, it reflected down on me.

I wanted

as well do well at the job which made me gain drive towards the job.

Leadership motivation also plays a role in being a good leader. Great leaders not

only have the drive; they want to lead (Bateman 371). Leaders have a power, they don't

want to sit back and let someone tell them what to do. They want to lead and they find

satisfaction in the process of leadership (Bateman 371). My good friend who is a

manager working at Abercombie and Fitch is good example: She first came to the

company as a supervisor and within 4 years she was a manager. She knew she wanted to

be the manager and she kept motivating herself and having the drive to reach that goal.

Integrity is the correspondence between actions and words (Bateman 371). Honesty

and credibility...