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Date: February 2, 2009Subject: EnviroTech MergerSummaryInterClean Inc. will soon begin the merger with EnviroTech which in turn will result in management being responsible for setting the example to staff members under direct supervision. This correspondence is the initial step in communicating the importance of management maintaining focus on the company's mission, vision, and goals in order to maximize merger success. This memo will explain how a manager's behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers. Next, will be a discussion describing the types of management actions compliant with employment laws, as well as non-compliant management actions. Finally, this memo will describe best practices for functioning in a diverse work environment at EnviroTech.

Management BehaviorEmployees of EnviroTech are analyzing managerial practices, and will hold management accountable for actions that workers feel necessary at this point in time. Staff is always looking at those in leadership positions; therefore, behaving in a professional manner is critical.

Non-professional behavior in the workplace is inexcusable. Proper behaviors displayed by management should include maintaining individuality while acting with restraint, and observing the social norm and not going too far left or right of that norm. Staff and managers that are assertive exude confidence. Also displayed are accurate and tactful communication practices, while being aware of others time constraints. Behaviors that will not be tolerated are the lack of time management, tardiness to meetings or to deadlines, lack of quality work, and interrupting others to further a personal agenda rather than a company agenda. Individual staff who choose to consistently deviate from the set mission and goals of the company will receive discipline without question (Cornelius Grove & Willa Hallowell, 2009, p. 2). Professional management behavior is crucial to success with the merger between InterClean, Inc and EnviroTech.

Management ActionsAction taken by management must be...