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In this assignment I will be defining one of the main management processes, discussed during our course. The process chosen is ‘Leadership’. The assignment will be divided into two parts. I will begin the first section of the assignment by clearly stating, and explaining the key characteristics of the Leadership process. In addition to this I will be describing the relationship of Leadership with other management processes, within a generic organisation.

In the second section I will demonstrate, and explain how the process was implemented into an existing organisation. The organisation I decided to choose to illustrate the Leadership process for is Ebay.

Leadership management in an organisation can be defined as power. A leader of an organisation is someone who influences and decides on which direction, which objective, or goal others should aim to achieve for. There are many theories on what is required of a leader within an organisation.

It has been argued that the key characteristics of being an effective leader is to visualise the future, it’s a quality which is most definitely needed, as it will enable the leader to plan and innovate for future success. Another is to be able to motivate others; however they need to be aware of what the employees do expect of them, which will allow the leader to motivate accurately. Effective motivating can be carried out using different methods, such as team building exercises and employee incentives. The leader just being clear and assertive in a positive manner will increase motivation within the organisation. Empowering working colleagues is vital. A leader must never give up, must persist to teach on how to achieve or meet company goals. If a leader was to take matters into their own hands, and carry out others work, this would be an act of a...