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Planning is preparing for tomorrow, today. As defined by Management: The New Competitive Landscape, planning is the conscious, systematic process of making decisions about goals and activities that an individual, group, work unit, or organization will pursue in the future (2004, p. 108). The mission of the Garland Police Department is to protect life and property, and to provide a feeling of safety and security in the community through fair and impartial enforcement of the law, community partnerships, and creative problem solving. In order to make effective decisions, management must consider a number of influential factors such as: the industry, competitors, politics, human resources, and technology, among many others. This paper will examine how legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility impact management planning within the Garland Police Department.

Legal Issues

The United States of America is a nation ruled by laws and therefore every business within assumes the responsibility of adhering to the context of those rules and regulations which govern everyone.

Effective managers educate and train employees on the role of the law in organizational and individual conduct. From basic constitutional rights to a city's parking ordinances, companies, managers, and employees fall under the scope of these laws. The Garland Police Department must take into consideration every aspect of the law as they protect and serve the citizens of the City of Garland and the surrounding areas.

Some key legal issues within the Garland Police Department lie under the scope of the Constitutional Amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights. Management must carefully plan all officer training to ensure that during daily routines, he or she will react to all situations within the scope of the law. A police officer should be trained to react as an extension of the law without discrimination in regard to gender,