Legal Issues, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility on Business Planning

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Gary Dessler wrote that planning is, "the process of establishing objectives and courses of action prior to taking action" (Dessler, 2001). Business plans at (My company) are built by completing thorough business assessments, making operational plans and making the financial decisions to provide the monetary resources to put the plan in action. Planning is important at all levels of management and its importance is often overlooked causing failures in many aspects of the daily operation of a business and the overall business plan of a corporation. The ongoing evaluation and analysis of the planning process is necessary to improve the overall process to keep the company in line with the latest changes in the industry. Therefore, this paper will discuss how legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility impact management planning at (My company).

Legal Issues

Business plans optimize growth and development according to the plans and priorities set forth by management; therefore; guidelines for securing corporate monetary and legal security are applied during the planning process that determine an organization's success.

Legal issues which every business must be aware of are its business's proprietary information, business strategies, customer lists, copyright information, patents and any intellectual property provided by its employees during their normal course of work. (My company) ensures that its legal rights are protected whenever a new employee is hired through documents each person signs at the beginning of their employment. These documents include rights to intellectual property, non-disclosure agreements, which dictate that an employee cannot disclose or profit from confidential information (http:/ /, trade secrets, customer lists, customer proprietary network information policies and a non-compete agreement stating that an employee will not compete with their employer by engaging in any business of a similar nature ( Documentation signed by each (My company) employee also deals with ethics,