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1.0 Introduction:

The parson who takes all risk to open a new business simple the parson is an Entrepreneur (Kathrin, Werner & Frank 2008). For a successful entrepreneur there have strong characteristics. Efficiency developments to existing services and goods don't organize true entrepreneurial prospects; only the introduction of whole new services, goods and new organizing styles can get the term entrepreneurship (Larson, 2000). Meantime, Aman and Nakhaie in 2011 also indicated that this innovation could be market, process, factor, product innovation, and even organizational innovation. For this reason principle of entrepreneurship is to do something different rather than to do something better. The entrepreneurs must very innovative spirit, like Steve Jobs, are more like a passionate artist rather that an entrepreneur. Innovation will lead to the creation of new businesses headed by entrepreneurs and these new firms are engine of innovation in any economy and society (Bridge & O'Neill, 2013).

1.2 Literature Review:

The main reason of this part is to analysis the characteristic tools . These attributes vary widely across literature; however there are common vital traits that are required to achieve any form of victory. Frederick et al (2013) suggest entrepreneurs are optimistic, risk takers, have sound judgment and an ability to manage. While a review of literature relating to the psychology of an entrepreneur reveals a large variety of characteristics in a successful entrepreneur, these can be consolidated to a few traits that are essential for a successful entrepreneur. Whilst taking into consideration Frederick et al (2013) point of view of key characteristic, other research suggests that there are further primary attributes that a successful entrepreneur necessitates.

There are many characteristics are show that any kinds of business or goal one entrepreneur must should to have it such as:

Here some essential traits are discussed and presentation...