Managing and Leading Teams

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V-Creating a shared vision

I -communicating that vision in compelling ways

S-Encouraging rethinking of ideas ,questioning status quo

C-Coaching-helping people take on greater responsibility for improving their performance.

(Jane Howell's research on V.I.S.C.)

Creating a shared vision of the future Visions that come from the organisations institutional planning processes very rarely take hold ,if employees feel that they do not own their companies vision ,it is unlikely that they will want to follow that vision that possess. Company visions that are generated by senior individuals or teams tend to reflect what is important to those senior levels. The vision is normally to put things right. Managers often find that ,as their particular business problem begins to disappear, so does the vision. Vision is on-going, continuous and dynamic. Vision should be apart of the daily leadership activities.

The skills and attitudes for communicating the vision:

A positive outlook helps you see things in terms of what is possible.

Focusing on expanding the possibilities helps you find your vision. Here we shall be

- Curious

- Convey a clear sense of passion

- Explore their own nature unceasingly

- Communicate a desire to make life better for others

- Do more than expected

- Cultivate an optimistic outlook

- Expand the sense of possibility

Coaching-helping people take on greater responsibility

The coach uses coaching skills and creates a purposeful and powerful partnership with the client/coaches that:

- Provides and reinforces safety

- Facilitates clarity and self-discovery

- Generates possibility

- Fosters effective action

The attributes for visioning:

- Views problems as opportunities

- Priority setting

- Should be courageous

- Should have critical and creative thinking.

- Tolerance for ambiguity

- Positive attitude towards change

- Committed to innovations that are best for children .

Example of the positive thinking, stimulating thinking...