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The introduction of new technologies in the workplace is a double-edged sword that enhances productivity at the cost of increased stress on employees. A survey released by Kensington Technology Group, a leader in the design and manufacture of computer accessories, uncovers new statistics on technology's relationship to stress, steps employers are taking to reduce stress, and how stress affects employee personal lives. The study surveyed 501 adult U.S. full-time, traditional and home-office workers, and is part of ongoing work style and workspace research that Kensington Technology conducts to better understand consumer needs ("Technology"). This paper will examine the results of this survey, the reasons advancing technology has increased stress in the workplace and what employers are doing to combat the effects.

The survey found that 55 percent of workers feel more productive at work when compared to last year. Unfortunately, nearly half the workers surveyed agree that technology increases stress.

Fifty one percent of them report computer shutdowns and breakdowns, as well as the demands of e-mail and voicemail contribute to an overall increase in stress in the last year. The survey also revealed that most workers make a direct connection between workplace stress and accidents or illness. The majority of those surveyed agreed that stress is a leading cause of accidents and mistakes in the workplace ("Technology").

The study also found that attempting to maintain work-life balance increases stress at work, and that increased stress negatively affects time spent with families. Fifty-four percent of workers felt that trying to maintain a work-life balance is a great source of additional stress at work. More than half of workers surveyed report the amount of stress in their lives affects the quality of time they spend with their families "somewhat" or "a great deal." Despite the negative effects, nearly two-thirds of...