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This Story is about a girl named Sucheng Chan who was sadly diagnosed with polio and pneumonia at the age of four. "Doctors … told my parents they should feel optimistic about my survival." Her Mother even consulted a Chinese fortuneteller. She said her daughter's future was grim. She basically had a hard life due to her leg appearance. Even when she grew older people wouldn't let her apply for jobs because they felt that she wouldn't fit in or work well with customers. Sucheng classified these people out to be the inept crowd. Her whole life had many difficult obstacles in which she had to overcome. Mrs. Chan ended up finding a husband, which many thought to be an impossible task. During Suchengs fourth year of being a professor's assistant she won the distinguished teaching award. Sucheng later on worked for a job that paid well but the job required longer hours in which her body could no longer take.

Her back began to make an S shape. The last paragraph states the question in which we all encounter in some way or another. She asks "So, has being physically handicapped been a handicapp? It all depends on ones attitude." Which basically says don't be lazy about things even if you have a physical or menthol disability. You can't just sit around feeling sorry for yourself do something, make a difference.

The characteristics of Sucheng Chan. Sucheng is a very vivacious person I feel. Sucheng is self-confident. "But at the same time I usually do not feel handicapped-and consequently I do not act handicapped." Pg. 290 Sucheng is also determined, it says that she was one of the students picked to play the piano. She began to limp toward the piano and she fell. Before anyone could see she...